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Let me first apologize. The fact of the matter is that there are many who post here with similar requests and many of us jumped to the conclusion that all you wanted was an easier path to the best gear. Thank you for the clarification.

Let me also say, that I am very much like you. I did the hardcore raiding thing years ago (EQ1). I became more casual due to the toll it was taking and additional work and social obligations. I have a physical disability (Cerebral Paulsey) albeit mild. And I too find crafting in these games incredibly enjoyable.

To answer your question you can acquire grade 69 item modifications either through running 55HMFPs and accumulating elite commendations (and then buying gear with the armoring, mod, and enhancement inside) or they are available on the GTM. They generally run several hundred thousand credits each though. If you want to learn how to craft them, you can reverse engineer the stuff you buy and like everything else you have a 20% to learn the schematic. That being said, the "special materials" to craft grade 30/69 can be expensive in and of themselves: Mass Manipulation Generators are the most costly. Honestly, the only reason to learn those schematics at this point is because you can (being a "completionist") not because the ability to craft them has any value. I have a handful of the 30/69 schematics but I have never actually crafted any of them because it is too costly to do so.

Personally, I have stuck with crafting and selling the grade 66 stuff. You'd be surprised how well it moves.