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you are talking a load of rubbish. Any level 55 player can get L66 purple mods without doing ANY group content whatsoever.

Level 69 can be bought with credits but why would you even need L69 gear if you are unwilling to run HM FPs and OPs. No dailies require level 69 gear...

Level 30 and 31 gear (69&72) is not essential in anyway if all you are going to do is run around doing dailies and never doing Ops bosses, HM FPs.

Sooooo.. whats your point? Tell me what solo content needs mods/armor past 66
I was not asking for 30 and 31. I know I don't need it.

Where can one buy level 69 stuff?

Most of you are missing my point anyway. But I am guessing you don't want people around that have disabilities that make them slower.. ie makes things tougher for them. That is why I do not have a guild and do not run group stuff.. I do not want to be a hinderance. I just want to be able to solo normal stuff (limitations considered). I am not alone in this wish. There are more and more seniors entering the gaming world.. I am just asking the devs to keep in mind that not everyone is young and healthy with quick reflexes and vision etc. End game is not the be all to everyone.
I know they have to make most things challenging for the young.. keeps them interested. I wouldn't want that any other way.
I would like to be able to craft things though. That is what I enjoy most.
(In many cultures in the real world.. crafting things was left to the elders because that way they could still be useful while the young did the hunting.)
P.S. in response to a couple of not so nice shots at me here.. I have years of experience in high end raiding guilds so I am not clueless.. I was one of the core and led raid groups as well.. very successfully. Don't assume I don't know what I am doing. (that was in DAOC in it's heyday and in Vanilla WoW.)
Lately though, it is just too hard and stressful for me to do that regularly. But, I have been lucky enough to find people with the patience to go slower and explain things so that I have had opportunities to do some end game stuff recently. I did very well, despite my crappy gear. Placing in the top 3 DPS in 20 man raids.. (this was in Rift - a few weeks ago. I am welcome to raid with them anytime.. just never feel up to it.)
Before you say to go back to those games though.. I do like SWTOR a lot. I love the stories and the innovative companion system. I have very much enjoyed leveling several characters and hope to level at least one of every class.