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09.15.2013 , 06:06 PM | #266
O_O you are correct... I was thinking about Sabina's argument but that was for three record places when I was doing that. Zoo doesn't have three places so let me fix that real fast...

Actually... I went back over our Tiebreaker discussion and read my own solution and that was...

and then this...

Now the first bold statement applies to Zoo as he only had two spots in that category before posting, and the second bold is what you are referring too. Now the second bold applies to Sabina who just recently tied one of her records for KBs i think, she had three spots so I went with this but she did bring up ...

... in which she is correct, but having read all of this over again.. man that was awhile ago lol ... my initial verdict was both correct and incorrect and feel that I have both broken and not broken my own rule lol. *slaps self halfway* I would please like a bit of input on this matter, because as I see it both instances are good for now, unless someone thinks otherwise.
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