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The argument of clearing 4/5 in a new mode is a bit biased. Remember you are playing pretty much the same~ish mechanics and literally the same operation, that you have been accustomed to in 8-man, from 2-3 months ago. 8-man and 16-m mechanics are the same. Red reticles, puddles, etc. Only difference is the size of the room, and some boss might hit harder, one death may be allowed in 16, but in 8man it isnt, etc etc. It is impressive but like what i mentioned in another post, a better "challenge and competition" is when either of these guilds convert to either 8-man or 16-man and race each other there...
Wasn't the point of my post. Look at the quote that was quoted. He was saying 16 guilds swap to 8 to farm after progression and 8 man guilds wouldn't do 16.

Neither 8 or 16 guilds are willing to make that swap during progression why these arguments are pointless. I do believe there are 5-8 hardcore 8M guilds and only a few 16 man guilds that do progression like SG/8M guilds do.