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08.22.2013 , 09:35 AM | #52
Someone completely missed the point of fridge's posts. Anyways if you want to compare larger raid content I seem to remember DnT killed DT10 stack and entity about a month before SG.
Moving along...the OP needs to take into consideration that there are other guilds doing these fights and BW probably peaked in on the streams and looked at the metrics. You guys may have been the first to use this tactic successfully, but it obviously wasn't intended for the mechanic to be completely ignored which is why bioware is attempting to fix the fight appropriately. It looks like they still have some work to do as a guild already reported that they were able to still do the fight using this tactic.
The warlords changes are the same thing though an 8m guild came up with the strat killing 2 at the same time in nightmare (yes I realize this was used in SM/HM before by bored guilds fooling around before nightmare came out) The fight is much more fun now that you have to do it as intended.