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Quote: Originally Posted by PhatMcMuffins View Post
Run op heals without 2 smashers against op heals with 2 smashers. Op heals isn't the problem. 2 aoe mezzes with 7-10k aoe attacks are the problem. Merc healing needs a buff and sorcs need a better defensive cd or something to add survivability to the heals tree (maybe something that increases damage reduction or armor rating. or maybe a proc'd defensive buff attached to a something)

and on op heals being easy to play. Its easy to be average, but not everyone is Scold or Hood-rat.

Sounds like an op healer getting defensive right? Well mind you I also play merc and commando heals along with other classes.

Troll away.

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I main a sorc for healing and totally agree with you, good arena teams will force an Operative healer to cast heals (addresses the energy management issues), and roll is basically useless.

I do think they still have a bit much in the utility department - an increased CD on their 4 second stun, disable conceal in arena, and all instant aoe mezzes should be reduced/removed.