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Thanks you so much for your help. Now this is what Im talking about. A person who is really helpful. Now I can understand the big picture a little more. One thing I will have to do is some research on different servers. I'm on Harbringer now. I was also thinking that maybe I should start my own guild and go recruiting for straight up casual players. Do you think this is a good idea?
Firstly, not a problem.

And secondly, about forming your own guild, very much so! Particularly if you want to get into end content like OPs and Flashpoints. Groupfinder is notorious for being pretty mean to players who don't have the best gear and the missions memorized completely. In fact, the "kind" ones generally just dump the mission mid-way through leaving the new player stranded. Unfortunately, there's not much anyone can do about that.

There are some guilds that run "build up" events which consists of taking players slowly through the operations and flashpoints in order to get them geared and acclimated but I honestly couldn't say how common or rare those are since I gave up on that whole idea for a while because I just don't want to mess with all of that when I've still got tons of other things to enjoy that aren't quite so aggravating.

As for servers, although it takes a while, I personally just made a bunch of low leveled alts on different servers and paid half an eye on General Chat as well as the attitudes and actions of my fellow players through the starter planets. Too many Trolls and/or "Ninjas", I just deleted and drove on until I found one that seemed like it had more then the usual amount of "chatter" that I liked.

In fact, it was a general discussion during one of the quieter afternoons that somehow wound up involving just about everyone on Tython about galactic politics and history, the Force and the relative merits and difficulties of the Jedi Council set up throughout which everyone stayed almost entirely in character that was my "straw" when it came to deciding to stay on Bergren's. In fact, it was because of that and coming across a couple of people who actually knew how to "leapfrog" (two people going through the same area but not really in the mood to team- they get a group, you get a group- rinse and repeat until you both get to your destinations...) on Korriban the day before.

Whatever your tastes though, you are bound to find both a server and some people that are like you and that you like- you just have to keep plugging away and not get discouraged.

Remember, when it comes to MMO's- despite the fact that there are many people who want to treat everything like it's a sprint, it's not. It's more like a marathon. The more you take your time to do just about everything- level, gear, explore, try things, enjoy content, the better off you and your characters will be later on down the road. You'll have more credits, more experience (both player and character), more friends and more of a knowledge of where you are and what you are doing which is always helpful for when you go into the next area and/or aspect when you don't because all of that will always give you that many more resources both in game and out to figure your way through whatever it is that first time.

Hope that helps.
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