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RIGHT!!! Dude and I'm just gonna say this for the record. I'm rolling over from an XBOX community and I'll tell you what. I have NEVER EVER met so many arrogant, snobbing, jerks in my life in a video than I have on this MMO. For real man. Everywhere I go to ask for help or even try to join a guild for help. NOBODY responds or even at least points me in the right direction. Trash man. Bioware fix your group finder folks. Love the concept and believe this game has sooooo much potential to be a very good MMO with a good community but for now, canceling the subscription and taking it back to XBOX man.
Unfortunately, it's not BW, it's the MMO culture in general. Frankly, there are MMOs out there that are far worse believe it or not. There are some thing you can do though:


There are guides for just about every aspect to every MMO both on the game's website in the forums and other places. Usually, if you don't find what you're looking for, at the very least, you can display a bit of knowledge in General Chat the next time you ask a question which improves the odds of a polite and helpful response because you've displayed that you have actually put at least a little time in on the subject already and aren't just being lazy (because, yes lazy people are out there too). For example, I learned that phrasing my questions with: "Ok. Question. I know (blank), but what about (blank)? Does anyone know?" Gets a faster and better answer every time.


Believe it or not but each server on any MMO is like a little city and just like cities, each one has a certain feel or community. As you would expect, you're going to get a completely different culture for people on a server with a "New York" feel then you are for one that's more like "Smallville." Try a couple of different servers and poke around their forums to see if you can find one that's a bit more polite.


Just like what server you are on may affect what type of answers you get, so too does what planet you are on as well. The general rule of thumb is, the lower the planet, the less likely you are going to get a response.

Yes, a lot of it is because there are rude players out there but part of it is also because even veteran players who do answer the occasional question can't exactly spend every night of their gaming typing out the same answers over and over and over again. Eventually, we would like to play too.

Personally, I limit it to five a night myself and most polite veterans have a similar type of rule in order to cut down on the number of responses (only people who use the "magic word", always answering a certain type of question, etc, etc, etc). It's not that we're being rude, it's just simple gaming survival on our part because, as I said before, if we responded to everyone then we would never get any of our own gaming done and, again, we would like to play too.

For me, after the fifth question, I just turn off chat and move on. Obviously, that 5th question is going to occur much sooner on a lower leveled planet then it will for a higher one where there are both fewer people and the people who are there have been playing for a while and have worked out most things for themselves. Needless to say that it works the same or similar for other players with other rules as well. We also know that while it may be a pain but, most of the general, low leveled questions can be easily found for those lower planets with a simple search as opposed to the more intricate ones that higher leveled players will ask.


Most guilds who are recruiting generally have recruiting drives and those are usually on the starter planets as well as the Fleet. Just like on Fleet, they will post in General Chat, who they are, what they're about and information about joining. They will also occasionally post in the forums as well. Your odds of getting into a good guild for you increase by quite a bit if you seek out those recruiters in the "quieter" areas (starter planets and forums) instead of casually asking around in PUGs. or trying to catch someone's attention on a crowded Fleet where, chances are, even the nicest of recruiters can become so inundated with replies that they don't even see yours. As a result, I've always found far better luck on the starter planets where there are fewer people and thus fewer responses to the recruiter.

Play Polite:

While hardly advertised, polite players get friended and rude ones get ignored. "Ninja looting" (poaching) does occasionally get called out and every time it does, about half a dozen people place that name on their ignore list but, just as often someone who knows how to jump in and help out a fellow player in trouble not only gets remembered but often finds their way to people's friend's list. Beyond that, it's just a great way to meet people anyway which increases your chances of enjoying yourself that much more because what's true in RL is just as true in game when it comes to that: "The fastest and best way to make a good friend is to be one."

Anyway, that's all I can think of for now, hope that helps.
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