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08.20.2013 , 07:48 AM | #1
SO FED UP!!!! Literally. I gave this game a shot and leveled all the way up to level 55 got all 69 gear (except pants and gloves) and STILL CAN'T get in a operation in group finder. The crazier part is, I sit in Group finder for HOURS!!! I mean hours, before i even get accepted to get into one just to be denied due to someone else not accepting the invite. On top of that I see so many people with these post in the General chat : " LF 1 Dps for sm TFB or whatever OP" and only to be greeted with no reply when i ask for an invite or a sorry let me ask my Guild leader. Like seriously man come on. What happened to being able to be rewarded by at least being able to get an invitation or accepted in group finder for all the time you do dedicate to this game. IT IS TOTALLY NOT FAIR TO ANYONE who is not in a planning guild or literally dedicating every minute of their life to this game. I seriously feel like I leveled and spent all the time I have dedicated to this game FOR NOTHING!!!! So my only question is.... What do I do now?