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I searched for any relative post and saw only a few end-game items that people would like or what you can get from reverse engineering campaign and higher barrels ect. I will be the first to tell you that I do not post a lot and if you can withstand my small speech I will get on to the schematics that are either found through slicing or if you have the credits to purchase them off of the GTN. I know this is not a(n) be all and end all list of what schematics we can find and if you know of a few that I am missing by all means let me know and I will update the information.

Armstech Schematic's
Accuracy/ Critical/ Fortitude/ Overkill
2-22 with the 28

Custom-Built Assault Cannon
Custom-Built Blaster Pistol
Custom-Built Blaster Rifle
Custom-Built Electrostaff
Custom-Built Sniper Rifle
Custom-Built Techblade
Custom-Built Techstaff
Custom-Built Vibrosword

Elegant Modified Assault Cannon
Elegant Modified Blaster Pistol
Elegant Modified Blaster Rifle
Elegant Modified Electrostaff
Elegant Modified Sniper Rifle
Elegant Modified Techblade
Elegant Modified Techstaff
Elegant Modified Vibrosword

Enhanced Eliminators Assault Cannon
Enhanced Eliminator's Blaster Pistol
Enhanced Field Tech's Blaster Pistol
Enhanced Supercommando's Blaster Rifle

Grandmaster Freelancer's Vibroblade
Grandmasters Trickster's Electrostaff
Grandmasters Freelancer's Techblade
Grandmasters Trickster's Tech Staff

Misc. Weapon Sets
Gladiator's Electrostaff
Merciless Gladiator's Electrostaff
Improved Field Tech's Sniper Rifle
Laser Shrieker
Elite E-411 Sonic Shrieker
Elite H-44 Recon Shrieker
M-312 Charged Enforcer
S-402 Nova Rifle

If I have missed some please post and inform me of anything that I have missed got wrong or could add.


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