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So... if you take all the top parses for each class and order them by best dps you get this:


So, why are VG/PT and Ops/Scoundrels considered bad dps and shouldn't be taken to Ops if they're #2 and #3 overall? Not saying you folks reading this thread wouldn't, just why is this the general consensus ingame?
Part of the frustration for VG/PT's is that in order to compete, you have to go Hybrid. Full tree AP/Tactics can be good, but is still behind other AC's and is hurt by the lack of some kind of execute tree talent (i.e. something like "Increases internal damage by 30% to enemies who are under 30% health). Full tree Pyro/Assault is a joke in PVE (and not to mention PVP).

I know many will say "well just run hybrid then and stop QQ'ing", but compared to Maras/Sents and Snipers/Slingers who have three viable trees to choose from (not to mention the hybrid spec for Snipers/Slingers), it gets a bit frustrating that you are essentially pigeon-holed into one specific build. So when people say "Buff PT/VG DPS!", we really mean "Hey, buff AP/Tactics just a bit, and buff the crap out of Pyro/Assault".