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If it's just for fun, then I believe it would be more fun to make a thread where people can post the videos of the good games (most of the screenshots posted here do not qualify) they have played instead of sharing solo kills screenshots from losses or DPS records from lopsided games. Is that indicative of success?

But it's really nothing more than
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an e-peen yardstick.
Does it drive people to get better numbers? Yeah, sure. But does that actually matter? The screenshots taken from losses prove otherwise. Why do people deathmatch in Huttball, where killing people and allowing them to respawn on their endzone might actually be detrimental to the success of your team? Why do some people abandon the turrets they're on as soon as and only after they run out of people to kill and numbers to build? Why do they refuse to pass the Huttball across the fire when it's perfectly safe, and walk into fire trap just to score on their own? What's the point of not scoring to "farm" the enemy team? Numburz.

Make a thread if you would like to applaud that kind of behaviour. People who possess that level of "talent", as referenced in a post before me, have cost me more nodes than I can count. Those are the screenshots I would be more interested in sharing myself, but there are no threads for that.

But if you are planning to keep the same format, I would recommend accepting screenshots from wins only. Even that would not be ideal, but a better solution nevertheless.

And do not call it a records thread if you skip embarassing categories such as "Deaths" while including "Damage Taken" or "Killing Blows", which are actually way harder to find on the scorecard. Those "records" are not valid unless every player is interested in sharing theirs in public anyway. Call it a leaderboard, or an e-peen yardstick.