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Recreating this list would not encourage a higher level of PVP here on TEH. I would not suggest starting a new set of records (but what do I matter? I moved to PoT5). The records here should serve as inspiration and something to look up to for the PvPers here on TEH. It should drive you to outperform the high level of talent and PvP that TEH has experienced. Also, why recreate this thread when it is perfectly possible for the players that left to come back and demolish the scores on the new list? Use this list to strive to play better. It is very possible for the any of you to beat these 'old' records and I suggest all of you to keep pushing in order to do it. However at the same time, don't tunnel some poor helpless 1500EXP sage with smashes to get the top hit. Unless it's Aegiss of course...
This list is mostly an e-peen yardstick, and serves little other purpose than to compare the "top" PvP guilds and players on TEH to those of other servers. Some of us could care less and choose not to participate in this list. For example, I am in possession of screenshots that would list my character's name(s) on 4 different sections of this list, 1 of which beats the current top spot holder.

This list drives no one to get better. It's not a motivational tool, nor is it something to aspire to. Reason being, a lot of the players listed were not very inspiring in the first place, and the spirit of this kind of play is what essentially killed PvP on TEH in the first place.