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FP and OP's level mods have always had to go this route. You get trainable schematics up to a certain point, but the only way you can craft end game gear is to actually do end game content or pay through the nose to those who have.

Once you learn mods beyond the top trainer stuff, you'll still need crafting materials that are only available guessed it...HM OPs.

You still get trained schematics from 401 to 450, just not for OP's and FP level gear.
Thanks for the response. I'm still learning about 401 - 450 crafting. Needing to run HM OPs to get materials to craft items that are a good idea to wear when running HM OPs ... as I'm typing this, I'm hoping that I'm misunderstanding something.

I have another level 50 character, this one with Biochem. Before I purchased Advanced Cybertech for my alt, I first tried to get Advanced Biochem for my other level 50 character. Although my Biochem character is level 50, with 400 in Biochem, Advanced Biochem was not offered by the Biochem Trainer.

Is that a bug, or is it that Advanced Biochem is just not offered?