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To be honest, i think they were split for one simple reason - they are designed as queue cleaners. They are role less, they are quick to run, which reduces the number of people in the queue drastically. it is a test, if people like it, the trend will continue. If not, perhaps they will go back to the old system and keep these as queue cleaners.

And yes, while the leaks provide some look into things to come, they should not be taken as 100% accurate

I do not expect Warlord to be part of 2.4, which is supposed to bring mainly PVP, and then new Ops (something with Dread Masters, probably on Oricon) so maybe a new FP will come with it with it. However, 2.5 is much more likely, so that PvP people can have at least one patch focused on them (which I would fully support, they deserve it).
If I do follow the leaks, the timing or Warlord in 2.5 (late october/early november) would seem to be appropriate. Warlord is about a renegade Imperial Moff who abandoned the Empire which started to be much more accepting of aliens, and it would happen half year after RotHC launched, which showed this acceptance of aliens much more.
but the role less is only for SM, that i have yet to see, this whole time i was talking about HM, and thats why i think it makes no sense to split it just for the "queue cleaners" because HM still needs the tank/heals/dps, plus the elite comms are only awarded for HMs, i dont think many people will run that in SM, you get better gear from crafting (purple 66s) cant say much about it though, yet to play that on SM fully(only played the second part on SM, it was stupid fast), also i was not expecting Warlord to be any soon after this lol, Off topic, i wish we would get some more leaks, its sucks to have nothing to expect beyond the Dread Masters.