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I think it is the intro, completing the Operation, and debriefing.
I do agree that it would be nice, but there is always having to weight costs against probable outcome. If you spent months of developer time and QA on making NiM flashpoint, which only 10% of people would enjoy and which would not bring any new gear level like NiM Ops, it would probably be waste of said developer time and QA, which could be used on other content.
And I would suggest to stop reading those Patch Notes leaks , they are very old and simply should not be used for reference or even for claiming you were "lied to" (not saying you do that)
Those patch leaks are something to expect, things change as they did, for better or worse, in this case to me(personal opnion) for very Worse, also its not that hard to simple tune up a Fp, the mechanics are there, make they do dmg lol, and as it stands i think more poeple would play a "Nightmare" level Flashpoint then NiM operations, just based on the fact that its easier to put up a 4 men group then a 8 or 16 men, also i think one of the reason to split Titans of Industry is to also say" New Flashpoints" which is in fact just one(if you compare it to others in term of content), so far there is nothing small and fast as those "Czerka" FPs, and honestly when eric posted that two Flashpoints were coming, i dont think anyone would expect this, most people expeceted two fully fledge Flashpoints, like the ones we have now(i as knew about the Leaks, i was expecting that Imperial Warlord was coming lol, you cant imagine how sad i was when i saw what they did to Titans of Industry).