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I think it was said in the last livestream interview, cantina tour or something like that, that simply too many people complained how hard LI was, and so that all new flashpoints will be on approximately the same level as the old ones (scaled to level, of course). If you want something geared for 69 with augs, try Operations.

Yes, they are split in way to artificial means, but I liked that it is shorter. If I simply want to run a quick flashpoint, I can now. But, I would not be unhappy if they were merged together.
Because we don't have short flashpoints now

Seriously, which flashpoints that we have right now are so lengthy and difficult people are deterred by them? An FP like Battle of Ilum may seem long, but everyone at this point knows how to take shortcuts, and voila!, you have a 30-min FP run.

Btw, WoW introduced "challenge modes" to 5 man dungeons, meaning a special difficulty for dungeons which are otherwise just as easy as what we have here. In these challenge modes your gear simply downgrades to a certain level, so there's always a timed-run challenge (based on the whole server) waiting. Give such a nice thing here
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