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06.13.2013 , 02:42 PM | #1521
I had been away from here for awhile due to some of the extremes in opinions regarding this topic. seems they still persist. its my belief that the reason sgrs will be expansion based (or massive update based) is because they wont be included into current companions. its just not gonna happen imo. the only way to do that would be turn off the gender flag but I don't think bioware would do something that half-a**ed. when they implement it it would be with new companions when they bring em in. aside from more npcs. true they kinda pulled back with makeb but with all the backlash they were takin they had to take it easy. may not be wat u wanna hear but it had to be done. its their fault for not implementing it at launch (even tho atleast every class has a sgr possible candidate i.e mako, jaesa, kaliyo, andronikus etc). by next year im sure we'll have the full sgrs we all want.
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