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06.03.2013 , 05:24 AM | #13
For those who level as Immortal with Quinn, do yourself a favor and turn off his Med Scan and Carbonized Stream (the only two abilities that have cast times). Now put Quinn in his Officer's Instinct stance instead of Med Watch.

You now have a pseudo-DPS companion with instant cast heals. His healing won't be as effective as with Med Scan and Med Watch enabled, but as an Immortal Juggernaut you really don't need the extra healing. With Officer's Instinct enabled, Quinn will pump out Charged Shots (instant) like it's going out of style, which is much more useful due to Immortal's somewhat limited damage output.

This is how I roll with healing companions on all my characters. The lack of the 2-second medium size heal is made up for by the increase in damage output.

An added bonus of turning off Med Scan is that Quinn won't constantly try to cast it whenever you stand still for more than a second only to be interrupted when you move out of range. All healing is done on the go.
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