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Honestly, both Rage and Vengeance are good for leveling. Rage can kill allot of trash stuff fast, but until 45 it can only do it once every 2-3 fights. its very sporatic until you get the pinnacle ability, force crush. until then, what you have is a situational spotty burst AoE spec that outside of that suffers from rage production (not as much as before, but it's still there)

I just leveled another alt as Rage post 2.0 to see the differences. in all honesty, up to the mid 20's rage can be a fun spec. getting obliterate at 20 gives you another skill to hit, and makes the class a bit more interesting (the gap close is fun to). but it still lacks in rage to do everything, and you don't get your auto-crit smash until 30 minimum. I found that vengeance is much smoother in early levels due to rage production.

yeah, you don't something like obliterate until 30 in vengeance, but with its rage savings and defensive skills, I find that i have more rage available, and vicious slash may be boring at times, but hits like a truck, especially when critting (and vengeance gets a buff on it's damage).

So, in the two guards that I'm leveling right now mirroring each other (one rage, one vengeance), here's my results:

Rage : more interesting early early on with obliterate, but lacks rage and lolsmashes are spotty until 45. less damage then vengeance single target at lower levels.

Vengeance: smoother Rage gen and better damage mid levels, mitigation's are better, but Rage catches up at 45. mobility is better overall then Rage.

Personally, I'd mix and match all trees up to 20 and run Soresu form (tank)...there's some great damage boosts and rage savings in all the trees early on, and . at 20 I'd respec Rage, and switch to vengeance for the 30's up to 45. from that point, pick your poison (I'm a vengeance guy mostly).

If your not that picky, just want smooth leveling experience, go Vengeance. it's got a smooth growing curve, and plenty of rage to spare for anything post 20.
This is wrong. Rage tree is worthless early on. You get free crit smash at lvl 26 (not 30) and you max shockwave at 29. Until you can take advantage of smash (it's the smash build duh!) it isn't worth putting points into the rage tree. Don't take this tree for obliterate lol, it hits ok but is used mainly for smash crit buff. As far as rage generation, anyone who thinks the rage tree has less doesn't know how to play the class. The simple explanation is; both specs have the same rage generating abilities. Now, go read the rage tree talent "overpower" (tier2). Pretty much all of your attacks lower CD on enrage (trainable at lvl 22) by 2sec and it costs 2 talent points. To achieve the same rage generation from sunder you must spend 4 talent points AND split them between 2 trees. Plus, it's not like you have to give up the sunder ability to go rage, you just don't put points into it until late game. So this way you have good enrage CD AND regular sunder (more rage generation all around). Also, sunder counts as one of the CD reduction abilities for enrage.

I'm not going to argue Vengeance VS Rage. Both are good viable trees for a DPS jugg. However keep in mind that the Vengeance tree is a single target DPS tree, and the rage tree offers much greater AoE ability while still keeping pace with vengeance's single target DPS. How often do you run across single mobs while questing? Not that often.

I stick by my first post. Spec tanky early on it will allow you the least down time between groups of mobs since you don't have your healer companion yet (you'll get him at the end of Balmorra). Choose gear with DPS stats, but use a shield generator for your offhand. Once you can make use of smash in the rage tree (lvl29), respec to that and get rid of your shield generator for a focus.

I've been playing my jugg since launch. Played all the specs. Trust me, this is the way to go for fast leveling.

Hope this clears things up for those looking for good infos
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