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Polarity Shift

Cerrill felt the change in the air before Jadus did. She knew exactly what it meant. She drew on the memory of being fourteen again with Malavai and Pemeri and Teala and the experiments. They hadn’t programmed her just yet. No, they were saving her for later.

She was brought in to be the critical eye that monitored Malavai up close, but that annoying green Twi’lek made that nearly impossible. She knew. She knew exactly what Cerrill was up to and did her damnedest to keep her out of the loop. But, when Malavai was fourteen, things changed. She felt the shift in the air before the others could register the change and it was only the beginning.

“Malavai,” Cerrill said quietly in greeting.

He was seated at a table, hunched over slightly. He looked up from his morning survey at the sound of her voice and grinned. “Cerrill.”

“How are you this morning?”

“Seven bee,” he replied as he returned his attention to his datapad.

She smiled. “That good? That’s wonderful.”

“Yes,” he drawled, “it’s very wonderful.”

She arched a brow. “Did something happen last night?”

He shrugged dismissively and continued his survey. She studied him for a moment too long and was rewarded with a slight glare.

“Tell me, Cerrill,” he started as set his datapad on the table and turned his head up fully, “have you ever had sex?”

She sputtered and blushed a pleasing shade of cerulean. “N-no, of course not! I’m – I’m not even fifteen yet.”

“Fifteen Imperial years or Chiss years?”

“Imperial,” she replied quietly. “My sister taught me how to do the conversion.”

“I’m surprised Pemeri bothered.”

“She wants me to fit in. I’m alien enough without using non-Imperial terms or measurements.”

“You even have a bit of the local dialect.”

“A little.” She paused and shifted her feet. “So – so why did you ask me about – about that?”

“Sex?” he asked with a grin. She nodded and blushed a darker shade of indigo. “I tried a bit last night. With an alien, no less.”

“How does one ‘try a bit of sex’?”

“Close the door and I’ll show you.”

Yes, the shift in the air was very familiar to her. And, soon, he would feel it too. She couldn’t wait for the fun to begin anew.

She quickly prepared for her day and assumed her position at Jadus’ side. She couldn’t wait to tell him the news. His plan, his glorious plan for a new Empire under a new Emperor would progress significantly today. She was giddy with excitement. It began today.

“He has claimed the Jedi girl,” Jadus said. He was keenly aware of everything that happened on this ship. Nothing passed through his vision. Nothing.

“Yes, my Lord,” Cerrill chirped excitedly.

“He will awaken in an hour. Bring him to me.”

“Yes, my Lord.”


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