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Hi everyone,

I know some of you that have posted here are already aware of this, but I wanted to let everyone know that there is a world wide, class-specific records list that is being maintained on the PvP forums. So far, we have had a pretty strong showing with many of our players making that list. Some of these records were curated by the guy who maintains that list, but he has said recently that from now on, it will be up to us, the record posters, to actively post our records there if we have the numbers.

So, if you have a record that you think is exceptional, I urge you to post it there and keep up the fantastic showing that our little PvP server has had so far! Also, since that list is class-specific, if you don't make our server's overall list, you may make that one for your class.

I am going to make a link at the top of our list here so that people can find it easily.

Thanks and keep the numbers comin'.
Doesn't seem like that OP is updating his thread.
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