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So, i recently picked up the game again and decided i wanted to level up a juggernaught. What would you recommend specing for lvling, and why?

As I'm looking at both the vengence and rage tree i feel like both have good potential.

I'm only lvl 18 atm, but I've spread out points a bit. Taking some stuff from Rage (namely free scream / force crit / Smash dmg) and lower cd on Sundering Assault.
Assuming you are trying to lvl quickly and want to be able to solo the most efficiently...

Until lvl 29, do this;

Then at lvl 29, go to fleet and respec to this;

The points into payback are optional, they can be moved freely somewhere else in the tree if you prefer.

Always use your healer companion and you should be able to solo most leveling content in game (with exception to flashpoints and the more difficult heroics) as well as level quickly. It's what I would do if I were going to level a jugg again.

Hope this is useful
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