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For my sith juggernaut I just got ahold of a custom shield generator and all custom armor full of the highest guardian mods that my level is allowed. Then I'm placing all my skill points in the immortal tree (not sure what it's called for the Jedi). Anyways, whenever I max out my planetary comms, I go upgrade the mods in all my armor, shield generator and saber. Playing flashpoints, I find that I'm quite indestructible, even with a bad healer. I think you don't really need to worry about the exact stats til endgame. For all the lower level stuff, just having fully up to date gear is more than enough. Gotta make sure to have a good DPS companion and keep their gear up to date too, otherwise it takes too long to kill things. With a full tank spec, you don't do a whole lot of damage compared to a DPS class.
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