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I sent an email to SWTORS customer support and I was encouraged to post here. I have zero confidence that any "developer" will see this post, answer it, or do anything about it, which will only serve to further deepen my frustration in paying for a service that brushes aside my questions and "encourages" me to post them instead where "the right people see them". Bull$^&t. But here goes:

Why does the auto-complete feature for in-game mail not work for every character name?

I start typing a character name and see a list of auto-complete options until I hit a letter that the in-game mail system doesn't "like" and all of the auto-complete options disappear and I am left to finish typing the character's name manually.

This, in itself, is not a huge problem. What is galling to me is that only *certain* players benefit from the auto-complete feature. Why does this not work for every player name? What's the problem? Is it really too complicated to code? Maybe it's time you hired some new coders, then. Are you too lazy or otherwise unmotivated to code this?

I want a direct, respectful answer to this question. "Copy and paste platitude" emails only stoke my ire about this and other issues. If I do not feel that I am being treated with respect as a paying customer I will take my business elsewhere. This is, after all, just a computer game. The fact that I pay to play it should entitle me to treatment as a customer, and I believe that warrants a respectful, complete, and accurate answer to my simple question.

I should not be "encouraged" to post here. For goodness sake, SWTOR is paying people to answer the customer service inquiries...why don't these staff persons simply FORWARD suggestions to the developers? Instead, I am asked to post here, in a sea of random postings. Hence my lack of confidence that this will have any meaningful result.

Continue to flaunt your customers' time and effort in providing feedback and it won't be long until you have fewer customers than "critical mass" to sustain this game.