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Just as background, I've beenplaying around with my Sorc DPS and been gearing him out in preparation for raids. I'm far from being the better Sorc DPS out there so you can understand how i'm always eager to do some research and look at what other sorcs DPS are doing. I was very excited when i saw this, but was a bit let down when i scrolled and looked at the rest of the logs...

Affliction (Force)
19:55:45.417 18s Affliction (Force) 762 internal No Vilus Garr
19:55:46.795 19s Affliction (Force) 701 internal No Tu'chuk
19:55:48.258 21s Affliction (Force) 701 internal No Sunder
19:55:48.451 21s Affliction (Force) 701 internal No Vilus Garr
19:55:49.838 22s Affliction (Force) 701 internal No Tu'chuk
19:55:50.018 23s Affliction (Force) 1182* internal Yes Captain Horic

I know all that tab targetting dot damage is just going to be healed up to full as the bosses are killed (unless you do bbare's strategy which i've never done myself). Like what SQ_Display_Name said, just meter padding

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My raid group does spend a lot of time AoEing the Dread Guard though, even on hard mode. The reason for this is to smooth tank swaps for the melee during the second phase. We keep the tanks very close together so that the bosses don't move during a swap, which means (by extension) that Ciphas and Kel'sara remain within AoE range of each other. Specs which have incidental AoE (hybrid/lethality or engineering snipers, rage marauders, lightning sorcs, etc) benefit the most from this sort of thing.
I've honestly never thought of it this way. lol I always thought that guilds just do it for the heck of it, or to pad up the meters as per the DPSer's request ). My guild tanks them on opposite ends of the room.
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