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Despite all pretenses, the image of "greedy crafters" is pathetically false. As has already been shown, for the most part prices have been entirely too low for most crafted goods, and any whining to the contrary is just empty fallacy. It doesn't hold up to reality. Simply because a player does not wish to pay a certain price for a good doesn't mean it's not worth that much, and again, I'd point out that if we had only NPC vendors to rely on, in most cases the prices would be significantly higher. Pre-2.0, you were paying the same or less price for a crafter's blue mod on the GTN as an NPC vendor would charge you for a green. That's a fact. Crafters, for the most part, were giving you the deal of a lifetime.
Good trade crafters don't care about this sort of thing. They understand player demand in the economy is constantly changing and they shift with it. They serve the community and they profit from the community in a balanced manner.

Opportunistic trade crafters on the other hand...don't like competition from the game world and want the player economy to themselves to exploit. Nothing more, nothing less.
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