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My top:
D5 Mantis > Defender Corvette > XS Freighter > BT-7 Thunderclap > X70B Phantom > Fury Сlass Interceptor.

1) d5 Mantis

  • Perhaps, it's the only ship with a front "window" large enough to have a full view of any planet ahead...
  • Just entered the ship? Cargo bay access to the right, GTN terminal and trading droid to the left and a scarecrow right in a front. Now that's a comfort.
  • U r able to cut some corners by simply jumping over the railings.
  • Captain's cabin is distant enough for crew members not to hear what is happening inside between u and your Mako tonight.
  • Direct path from captain's cabin to the bridge. Which, btw, includes holocom, intercom and mailbox.
  • Forcefield cage. Which could look better as a side "room", though...
  • It is simply cozy.
  • Landing, maneuvering and booster engines are all one and the same. I think it's quite optimal.

  • With a bit of luck and skill, you could tear them out of your baby by hitting something, though...
  • This ship looks pretty funny from the back side. Triangle fatass with 3 engines on some pin-thin sticks. I strongly wonder how is it possible that they doesn't tear themselves away during acceleration.

2) BT-7 Thunderclap

  • The chairs everywhere. Dozens of them!
  • Clean.
  • Yellow-black striped, in some places, luv it.
  • A whole personal cinema. A whole three rows of sitting places! And a nice sir-yes-sir ticket comptroller wardroid, also.
  • I dont give any substance why the fog do i need those stupid Y-foils, but, at least, they could be pretty closed...
  • Looking at the "bridge" (pilot cabin), i just think that if this damn hernia won't survive the crash landing, then nothing will...

  • The primary screwup here is a republic logo above the king sized captain's bed. Guys, this is a thing im not doing in the name of republic. Please remove.
  • If not to mention this huge crates nearby...
  • Also, this screwing ship is a screwing damned screwing maze. It has a fogging merciless counts of stairways and turning points. And thank gawd it doesn't have elevators as well...
  • Ever heard about a nosebleed? It's a slang shortcut for pilot, leaving the vessel through front viewport on an impact occasion. It usually avoided by good safe belts and airbags. OR (seems) the window size, in case of THIS THAT thing...
  • Ship's cannons r "looking" straightly forward and they are not able to move.
  • Front viewport looking forward-upward... Mostly upward... 1+2 = ship's viewport and not rotatable cannons r "looking" in different directions. Oh please, it is simply cruel.
  • It is the only ship with pilot cabin, outbuilded to the side of it like some hernia.
  • Logically, this ship is minded so it could be used as some kind of assault landing shuttle. Look at all these safe chairs everywhere... And yet - did you ever saw or heard about an assault landing vessel with the release in a damned front of it? And did u ever thought, why you had not?
  • As an overall - i'm getting some nasty feeling that there was some patent wars in a galaxy far away, and that all the good in- and ex- terior layouts got copyrighted and poor little Rendili just had to do THIS THAT this way...
  • Or, well, its developers could just rely on chance that THIS THAT thing could be mistaken for some bigger ship wing-debris that got simply blasted out...

3) XS Freighter

  • Looks like you-know-what.
  • Turrets are very best, they fold up and whirl in almost all the possible directions.
  • Nice cargohold with a nice big shelves.
  • I bet it have a lots of nice secret smuggling bays.
  • That ship could be of much use to Trooper - look at this corridors, perfect for jogging.

  • Is it just a color or the damn thing really needs a dozen gallons of anti-corrosion fluid and a horde of lvl 55 Cleaner wookies with strength-augmented metal brushes and other similar gear?
  • Screwing maze # 2.
  • It is the only ship with a stripe of square viewports and a square "bridge" exterior. Dear developers, please kill the person that is keeping this stuff in ship designs.

4) Defender corvette

  • One of the best exteriors.
  • Rotatable turrets.
  • Red and fancy. Would fit better for smuggler...
  • You can aqvoid the gold one by jumping on second floor from the stairs. Massive win.
  • Looks smaller than XS due to all these additional floors. Still, just as roomy as an XS. Win.
  • No supidly protruding components. Even the sensor array (remember "not even a scratch" in VI?) is hided behind the hammer head.
  • Competitive design of the bridge and, perhaps, the most adequate window of pub ships.
  • Clean, dammit.
  • I bet you can even play football in holocom chamber.
  • Beautyful softly lighted bedroom with nice IKEA shelving. Cozy.

  • I am pretty kind and tolerant and patient, BUT TWO DAMN STATUES IN MY TEH BEDROOM?! Please remove them or turn them so they face the wall, at least. Me and Kira getting scruples. What if there are cams inside? What if some heavy bearded robe will want to check if me and Kira are violating something?
  • Damn consoles at the bridge. Were they minded for ewok-size crew? The working surface placed even lower than the chair's arseplacing one! Well - at least i have a beautyful sight when Kira is working with them without a chair.
  • I am teh MAN and i shamed to fly on the ship with such a holocom chamber. All these pattern-ies, statue-ies, carpet-ies, all so glamorous, thanks god not pink! And sometimes i just get the feeling that in my next moment i'll see the Supreme Chancellor entering this hall, leading a few dozens of post-retirement aged diplomats with their beards touching the floor and that he will diplomatically ask me about just what the damned screwing screw am i doing here, and that he will dictate me to get my dirty-robed arse to the opposite side of universe, and to take this scarfaced sl*t with me as well...

5) Fury - Class Interceptor

  • A medbay with a bacta/kolto tank! UNBELIEVABLE!!!
  • Soft red lighting in the bedroom. Niec.
  • Solar panels at almost entire surface, niec.
  • Beautiful, compact, symmetric exterior. No stupidly protruding components.

  • Just why the hell they're done its interior looking same way as an exterior? The most dull and depressive interior in this game. So depressive that you can even place dozen of coffins, all over the ship, and this will not look strange. And this is your ship for all the time. Please no.
  • Oh, just let me introduce you the perfect vehicle for people with tunnel-syndrome. Straight forward directed viewport with cannons deployed in same, and with "wings" wasting the sideviews which you, of course, simply won't need. Tadaam.

6) X70B Phantom

  • Most glamorous exterior style.
  • Most glamorous interior style (except one thing - cold lighting is not good for bedrooms)
  • Lowest profile
  • Stealth
  • Bakta/kolto tank! In medbay! OH REALLY?!!
  • Pretty good frontal viewport.

  • Turrets look straight ahead, and they are located so that if they were turning, one can accidentally shoot himself in the bridge.
  • Well, i could suggest much more chrome in the exterior.
  • He is black and white type, in general. Of course, there is blue and brown colors also, but still, this interior is very contrasting in one places and too white in others. Which could be good for some kind of office and which is not for, sweet Some additional colors could fit well...
  • I'd say, there are too lot of blue lamplights everywhere.
  • This checkered floor looks really stupid. I could suggest glossy black, like the one in imperial startship hangars from IV-VI eps.

P.S. About turrets. I know, in a space battle u r able to shoot in any direction, but talking about turrets, i keep in mind their hangar look, which doesn't seem rotatable pretty often. I believe that all the ships are actually acting same way in space action simply due to the fact that developers wanted to simply equalize all players of all classes. Which also includes X70B's stealth device, simply useless in space action.
The way i analize these ships's +'es and -'es is a kinda part of roleplay sometimes.