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The reason you guys have to repeat this so many times is because it doesn't work.

The posts I've found where people HAVE solved the issue it was a solution for them only (usually pretty random) and is rarely anywhere near what's on these lists you guys post in the patcher threads.

And frankly the continuing denial that perhaps your patcher isn't the greatest and that we all have terrible systems is insulting. Not to mention the poor souls who take your advice and spend hours upon hours doing scans of this and that. I mean really, is this some bizarre way of stalling for time? Because from a few searches it's become evident that every time you guys release a major patch, all the way back to launch, apparently a bunch of people's computers suddenly have problems (not the patcher, no, it's fine). And apparently never enough to actually get someone to lean on the programmers to fix it. I suppose somewhere along the line someone did the math on what the affected pay as customers versus the time to overhaul the awful patching system, and we're the ones who came up short?

You know what? Do me a GREAT big favor. Instead of giving out patently useless advice that you've given out over and over, just go "we don't know what causes it, and I don't think anyone who is in a position to do any more than you can yourself has any interest in it".

Because it's the truth and you'll save some poor soul hours of flushing their CPU cache.exe in uploaded overwritten compatibility mode or whatever the hell gibberish you've come up with to add to that silly copy/paste list. That way you end up with TWO good deeds for the day. You're welcome.
I try to avoid internet rage, but I'll bite on this one. The reason they put that list up is to rule out anything else.

Look at it this way: Pretend, unbeknownst to anyone, your RAM is one foot in the grave. You don't know it, because the only time it manifests is when you're trying to patch. So your launcher hangs. CS doesn't tell you to run a memtest, so you don't. As a result, you've got a CS droid pulling out it's fiber optic weave trying to figure out what's wrong with the game, when it's really just an unknown case of bad RAM.

If you ran the memtest at the start, you find some bad memory, you order some new RAM, CS is able to spend time working on things they can actually control, instead of fretting over everyone's bad memory/bad hard drive/bad internet/bad anything that isn't the game itself. When they put these standardized troubleshooting lists out, they don't expect it to fix that many issues, but they do expect it to narrow down the diagnostic possibilities to things they CAN do something about.

Also, click the spoiler to read how I fixed mine...