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hehe, yeah, the cap... what would it be you think? Im thinking 3 days of the dailies would go pretty close to the cap?
Even so, it would be around 4 weeks or so to get into campaign gear, not too bad for just doing dailies, plus you get a bucket load of credits to go with it.
did the Black Hole H4 yesterday evening + 2 other missions there + False Emperor HC
that got me to somewhere around 42
not sure if there wasn't a one time only mission that rewarded them but I don't think there was.
that was perhaps one hour of playtime (really really slow internet)
my gild mate had his comms at max already before I even got home if I've understood him correctly
I'd say 4h/week * char for the classic comms

of course they are useless now anyway.
-> buy the gear on your 55's -> legacy transfer to your 50twink -> get new comms for nothing over time.
I'd be more interested in the other comms, but time will tell.

edit: forgotten the