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He wasn’t one to lie. That was a lie. He was one to lie. To protect himself. To protect Jaesa. She was his… friend. He was fond of her, perhaps too fond, but the thought of her getting into a situation she couldn’t handle disturbed something inside him. Something primal. She was strong on her own, of course, he didn’t think her weak and in need of protection because he was male and she was female. No, she needed protection from Cerrill and, especially, Jadus.

Jaesa was always around, lingering within eyesight. He was certain she placed herself just so. He ignored her, for the most part, going about his day as if she weren’t there. He was certainly aware of her presence. All too aware. He found himself thinking of her at the most inappropriate times; the shower being the most common. He knew what was happening, of course. She helped him when he needed it most and continued to be there for him despite his stiff nature. He had noticed before boarding The Dominator, but he was content to ignore it. Now, however, the stakes were higher. Such a pure feeling would certainly be tainted or squashed entirely. If he wished to nurture the small, budding connection between them, he had to do so quickly and covertly. He had to keep it out of Jadus’ notice and, certainly, Cerrill’s.

Cerrill. They had a connection so many years ago; both of them products of the experiments involving perfecting the SLV serum. She was involved in the first round of new testing. And she was an utter failure. She should have been the perfect killing machine, one that honed in on a single target and destroyed them before being destroyed. If successful, a new target would be presented and the cycle started over. But Cerrill could never be reprogrammed. She was given her target and told to eliminate them. Even when the kill was confirmed, she never switched targets.

He often wondered if, on some level, she knew he wasn’t truly dead. They had been close and he was rather valuable to the research team. Still, her programming persisted to this day. He needed to exercise caution in dealing with her. More than just his life was at stake should he slip up. With that morbid thought echoing in his head, he set down his teacup and saucer and left the seating area to prepare for bed. He wondered, however briefly, if he would dream of those mysterious women again.


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