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Thanks to both of you, certainly given me some tips and ideas!

Much appreciated, and glad to hear that having expensive stuff wont make a great impact.

I just hope the learning curve isn't too steep for me!

I'd love to quote and reply to each section from both of you, but I fear the post would be too long! Thanks again!

Quote: Originally Posted by Werdan View Post
For me, especially from playing more console games than computer ones, using a Logitech G13 gamepad was like learning how to walk all over again yet realizing it somehow felt better than before. I bought it just as I got in to SWTOR closed beta and haven't even attempted using the keyboard for anything in game other than signing in and the occasional chat. I use the thumbstick as you would on a controller with WQED bound to it (for strafing, in lieu of WASD). I start my main attacks from the second row of keys and work my way around the keypad for various actions. Next to the thumbstick are 2 keys I can use as spacebar and my shift modifier. I couldn't even think about playing another MMO without this thing and have already bought another as backup for when/if this one fails.
This looks like something that could come in handy for me, after hearing that you find it usefull coming from a console gaming background also. I find looking at that, looks a lot less daunting than a keyboard, especially with binding in mind
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