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First off, very nice write up. Looks very well and I agree with much of it. I appreciate the breaking down of the roles and what not.

When I started playing SWTOR, I started as a Sorc Healer. Felt I did the job well, and what not. Then when the Double XP weekends started, I leveled my Powertech Tank as fast as I could. I started doing some FPs and Ops on my tank and I decided that I enjoyed that more. However, I tend to Off-tank Ops, when I do this I keep an eye on wandering mobs. I know the healers pain and try to grab it as quick as I can.

I am currently leveling a Marauder and about 10 lvls or so back, I ran Hammer Station in a PUG. When I got in, I looked at the the tanks HP and he had like 3k HP less than me. I did a gear check, and he had a level 9 lightsaber, and other level 9-11 pcs. I said something about his gear, and he got kind of crappy. We had a rough time during the first fight, so I said I was going to leave. He ended up leaving the group, and cussed a little. We didn't end up queuing again, we just 3 manned it. Went very smooth.

I respecced my Sorc the other day to DPS from heals. I ran Battle of Ilum and he got to one boss, and the healer just wasn't keeping up on heals. I kept having to stop DPSing and healing to try to stay alive. We still wiped, and than the tank left. Than I left.

Again, very nice guide.