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Hello all!

I have played the game on and off since last January, and coming from a console gaming background, I found myself confused by the amount of abilities I have to use. This lead me to using my mouse to click abilities.

I now want to move away from this, onto the glorious method of Keybinding. My main concern however, it is very alien to me, and I have the habit to click ( I didn't know binding was a thing until a few months after launch, by which time I became used to clicking), so I don't really know how to start on the path of bindings.

Switching I think, will improve my performance in elder game content, especially PvP.

A few questions/concerns I have:

1: Will this impair my moving around? I use WASD to move, which is slower to turn and such, but also means I can back peddle and use abilities etc. which I can't do with a mouse, as I'd have to turn around and run.

2: What are the best keys to use to bind abilities? And how will this affect playing different classes?

3: Will I have to buy a better keyboard and mouse? I don't want to have to spend 200+ for amazing keyboard and mouse, just for them to not help at all.

Is there any tips or pointers anyone can give to starting off with key binds, without a steep learning curve (I do well in PvE ops and such clicking, and I don't want to impact this too much). I'd be very appreciative of constructive help!

I play a shadow tank, so my rotation isn't terribly complex.
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