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04.01.2013 , 01:01 AM | #31
Well, actually there are some tricks you can use against melees to survive and deal damage BUT forget about winning 1 on 1 (if we're talking about decent foes).

In 2.0 we'll get some sweet skills which i believe make our life a bit easier. Hold the line with 30% speed buff for 10 secs, electro-net, 2 charges in Tech-override that allow to make 2 gravs instant or heal 2 times, Kolto bomb etc. It doesn't mean we'll be welcome in RWZ teams but still it's better than nothing. I was sure BW would give NOTHING to us in 2.0 but i was wrong. Even now playing with my good friends with really good healer among them i feel pretty solid on WZs. Usually i'm number 3 in the list of top dps right after my 2 jedi knight smash-friends.

If you plan to play serious pvp on RWZ - vanguard is your choise for sure. As for me i'm just in love with this poor designed class and not gonna leave it having gunslinger, vanguard and other alts in my arsenal.