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Just to note, you can get approval with HK-51 in some conversations. I noticed Kaon under siege had approval changes based on what I said and did. But yes, I agree. I'd be pretty disappointed if companions only every spoke in their own conversations aboard ship or in a cantina, and the rest of the time were essentially walking turrets. Hell, Dorne is supposed to my Trooper's second in command, but she hasn't said a peep outside of telling me to hold still since Corellia.

I think what's going to bug me with more general companions as well is actually making them make sense for everybody. HK-51 mostly did - though I had a hard time justifying why my Jedi characters or my Smuggler would want an assassin droid around, let alone send him on missions - but beyond that? Unless they just keep on adding droids, how is their simultaneous presence aboard multiple ships of both factions going to work?

I am worried that there won't even be more conversations in a cantina or on the ship. Wish they would say what they intend to do with the companions in the future. I would like to know what happens to them. What will happen to Risha and her possible political future. How about the rest of them, I really like my little T7-droid. Will my character's mute marriages continue forever?

Moping a little at the moment, which feels very odd because I have never ever done that before during my time in SWTOR. I want to know that my crew will be more than walking sets of abilities and gear.