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When the singles price is lower than the stack price. Seriously, the people who put up stacks, can't you freaking look first and have you never been shopping? When you buy ten of something it's usually cheaper than just buying one. In any case, it's atleast not more expensive. And I would like to buy stacks, on behalf of it being easier than buying 50 singles, but you have to work with me here. Are the higher prices a fee for not having to buy 50 singles, is that your business model? It's not working.
I look at the pricing before I list but usually ignore the singles price.

I list in stacks of ten because the splitter is not the best and it is easire to type in a zero and go. Stacks of 8 actually make more sense. In any case, one or two pages of singels is just one or two stacks of ten and should not determine the pricing of an item. They are gone quickly, bought up by a person who would buy just one or two stacks. People can list a number of singles at any price without much impact to them. I look closely at stacks of fives, tens, and twenties before I list, but no not at singels or twos.

I am not sure that I have seen 50 singles listed for a mat, but if I did I would scratch my head and wonder what is going on and wonder why someone or someones took the ungoldly amount of time to do 50 listings while one to five at the same unit price would do. I think that if I did comee accross a situation where there were 50+ single listed at a unit price below what I charge that I would just not list until the singles cleared out.

As a mat seller, I look at the singles as throw away listings and they have no impact at all on my pricing.


Yesterday I went to list an item that I have been selling from almost day one at 13,500 to 14,500 per stack which is cheaper than most. The mat goes quickly at that price. I was surprised that there was less than a page of listings on the gtn of this in demand mat There were, as I remember, in that page four listings at 800 credits. I listed ten stacks at 14,500 and when I log in today will collect the 145,000 (less gtn fee) credits. Do you think for a moment that I would list the stacks for 7,950 (795 a unit) because someone decided ot list four pieces at 800? I did not bother to buy the four singles at 800, but normally would have and relisted at 1,450 each as part of a stack of ten. In a competitive market,, you try to list at what you believe are reasonable prices, but you are listing to sell and make a profit and unless there are tons of them, single prices are meaningless and not indictive of anything.

People dump singles at throw away prices all of the time.