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When they describe future companions that way, the first example that comes to mind that resembles what they are saying is Thana Vesh. She was a character that is included in the Imperial storyline on Taris regardless of class. Each and every class has to deal with her if they do the planetary story/quests. They could easily take someone like that and make them into an extra companion. These companions could even be completely optional, just like HK. You could have the character set up so that certain actions and conversation choices could cause them to join you, others could cause them to hate you, and refuse to join you. There could even be conversation choices that could make yo have to fight and kill them, or maybe fight them in order to subdue them and force them to join you.

I actually kind of like the idea, but only if it is implemented in a way that makes sense. The way you get HK, all the hoops you have to jump through, all the different planets you have to go to, the expense involved, I never liked it at all. HK is a perfect example of how NOT to introduce and implement new companions. Thana Vesh is a good example of how it could work extremely well and make good sense. There are other examples of NPCs in game that could easily become companions as well. Most planets have one or two major NPC contacts included as part of the planetary storylines that could easily be modified to become optional companions. That being said, it would also be quite possible to add brand new characters, not currently in existence in the planet questlines, that could become the new optional companions.

These are just a couple ideas I had on the subject. Thought I'd share.

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