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Just to note, you can get approval with HK-51 in some conversations. I noticed Kaon under siege had approval changes based on what I said and did. But yes, I agree. I'd be pretty disappointed if companions only every spoke in their own conversations aboard ship or in a cantina, and the rest of the time were essentially walking turrets. Hell, Dorne is supposed to my Trooper's second in command, but she hasn't said a peep outside of telling me to hold still since Corellia.

I think what's going to bug me with more general companions as well is actually making them make sense for everybody. HK-51 mostly did - though I had a hard time justifying why my Jedi characters or my Smuggler would want an assassin droid around, let alone send him on missions - but beyond that? Unless they just keep on adding droids, how is their simultaneous presence aboard multiple ships of both factions going to work?

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Speaking of companions, any idea on what's in store for them with Makeb?
Do they talk occasionally like they did during the class quests, or are they just there as scenery? =/
I watched the quest cutscenes Dulfy put up on her site for the Empire version of the quest chain. I don't remember Ashara speaking at any point during any of them.

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As far as I know no one has (yet) reported companions having their own lines during Makeb cutscenes, which is to be expected, I suppose, since companions only ever had their own lines in class-specific stories.
Perhaps, but if they're not doing those anymore, I'd certainly like that to change.