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Nope, I'm not talking about Firefly here - even though it would've been nice to see what the future held for Inara... I'm talking about the loyal sidekicks to our characters here on SWTOR.
During the recent interview Bruce Maclean stated:

Will we see the inclusion of future companions, related to class stories or otherwise?
Yes! Adding new companions to class stories is harder than it sounds though, so new companions will more likely have their own storylines like HK-51.
Which as someone that has HK-51, I find to be very troublesome news...
If they get implemented like HK it means they'll basically be glorified pets, who will never talk during cutscenes, who will never care what you say or do during the stories - and who are on top of that, designed to be huge credit sinks and nothing more, since the only way to get affection with them will be by force feeding them gifts they somewhat like...
And of course there might also be some steep costs attached to getting them... like the item you have to buy for HK, which costs... 250k?
Am I the only one worried about this?
Thanks for showing us you listen to our feedback, Bioware!
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Suggestion for letting us add certain story characters to our Strongholds.