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03.25.2013 , 05:24 AM | #83
I'm also hosting a big 2v2 tourney, I really didn't know about this tourney, seeing as I was an MMO noob not too long ago, so I didn't know jack **** about these forums and just how active we were as a community.

Hey, Scold. Maybe we could team up and host the 3v3?
I am still willing to contribute 2 million credits to the prize pool if that is still desired. I will even put some cartel items up as well. Medpacs and adrenal stacks too maybe? Who knows??????

I just want to see some arenas in this game. I've never done arenas before, and I am itching for some. I don't want to level to 90 just so I can 2v2 or 3v3. Cause...that's the only reason I would do it

Anyway, hit me up in game if anyone is interested in 3v3s. We'll try to get it going before 2.0.

And Scold, I WANT THAT ARENA LEAGUE TO HAPPEN. We could do like divisions and ****, have playoffs at season end. HOLY ****. That's such a good idea.

It's done. If there is enough interest in this BEECH then I will make a website intended solely for The Bastion Arena League.

It's gonna be sick folks.