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03.22.2013 , 05:16 PM | #30
I've played all class storylines excluding Trooper, which I'm doing just now. I recognize that peoples favourite storylines will be influenced by there own personal preferences, but I personally strongly agree with this.

The one thing that I really felt about the Agent storyline, is that it created a great sense of conflict within me. This is contrast to all the other storylines I've played. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike any of the other storylines, in fact I like all of them. But its just that there all cut and dry. I knew exactly where I stood with all the other classes, and it was very clear what decisions I wanted to make. With the Agent however, it was all shades of grey, and there was an overwhelming sense of conflict in myself, as a fan, in wanting to remain loyal to the Empire, as opposed to stopping and saying "go **** yourself".

It was the first character I played, and I found myself unable to stop playing. I appreciate all the class storylines in part because of how loyal I am to Star Wars as a brand, but truthfully Agent was the only class where I really wanted to find out what happened next. It was unpredictable and never followed a status quo.

Anyway, this was my interpretation of the storyline, and bringing it down to brass tax, I can tell anyone who hasn't experienced it, that your missing out, it really is an amazing storyline.