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Well this conversation gives added reason for G0-T0 to use stealth ships to take out or capture Traya's fleet.

Right now we have Traya throwing a tantrum and sending her fleet around to conduct orbital bombardments on planets, and sending assassins around to kill people.

Wouldn't the orbital bombardments start to really tick people off?

Really since the Hutts are not in play I don't see anyone putting a bounty on "Goto," and he'd obviously put one on Traya's head.
Aside from all the smuggler's he's running out of business with his own ultra-efficient ring?

And Traya won't be bombarding random people in a temper tantrum, if she bombards anything at all. Traya was opposed to wanton destruction, so while G0-T0's vaunted HK droids might not care about blasting third parties to pieces, Traya will be very mindful of the consequences of all her actions. She's not only calculating and ruthless, but capable of remarkable forethought when it comes to seeing how her actions will take shape down the line.

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I just thought of something G0-T0 can do.

Send small ships in and release a naturally occurring plague into Malachor V's atmosphere or send some droids in and have them spray the disease every which way when they start encountering people.

Pretty soon Traya will have a nice plague on her hands.
Because viruses will survive so easily in the lush organic environments on Malachor. And G0-T0 has all those well-established biological weapons facilities we've all forgotten about.

See what I mean about G0-T0's options getting increasingly hare-brained and desperate?
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