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03.20.2013 , 03:45 PM | #606
^^Interesting, I'll take that into account.

However there is one thing I have realised, this plan is obviously quite complex and requires a lot of resources/skill. Whereas the plan presented before (infiltrate the vessels and simply download a virus) is far simpler and far easier. And with 2 vessels captured he is in the position to directly hack the rest of the fleet by opening necessary channels with the 'friendly' fleet. So surely G0-T0 would opt for that plan?

However here's the catch, G0-T0 won't realise the fatal flaw in such an operation, he'll think jamming their signals will be enough to prevent them alerting the rest of the fleet. However what he won't have bargained for is the telepathic connection Traya would have established with her Sith, who would alert her to the situation as soon as the ship starts going crazy. As such when the Interdictors drop out above Malachor V - they'll be walking right into a trap.

Of course G0-T0 could try again with plan 2, but it will be a significant set back - just a thought.

P.S. Ventessel, I hope you don't mind me asking, but you seem to know a whole lot about military stuffs (), how come?