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Now I'm no expert on shaped charges but I'm sure the purpose of them is to concentrate the blast at a particular point, therefore rather than blasting the target to pieces, it simply punches a whole through it. Unless the charge simply can't get through the metal the panel would stay in place, just have a hole in it, and not large enough to climb through. There is also something of a backlash.

There is also one other problem: life support. Once the droids blow the window for the second time the ship will already be on high alert and forces will be en route to the bridge. Once the initial 'suck' has taken place any unit magnetized or not, biological or not can move in because the particle fields will still be operational. For example on the Ravager, it had massive holes in its hull and yet the particle fields stopped people getting sucked right out. With the life support completely undamaged and not yet shut down, the defenders have a window of opportunity to swarm the bridge as the HKs climb through the window.

Also, we have to remember G0-T0 knows little about Bao-Dur, only military files. He will not be aware that Bao-Dur would actually want to reactivate the MSG, nor does he have any idea of what he could give Bao-Dur to convince him. Therefore he's likely to opt for threats/interrogation to force him to help. Also Bao-Dur has no love for the Exchange, he hates the Czerka presence on Telos IV and greedy corporations as a whole. The Exchange are in league with Czerka on the planet and are effectively a greedy corporation. Therefore Bao-Dur may make demands G0-T0 is not willing to accept (e.g. get off Telos) so G0-T0 may opt for interrogation and threats. Not that that would take too long but it would involve capturing him etc.

NOTE: Repressurisation is instantaneous, introduce air to a vacuum and it moves very quickly. So as soon as the panels drop the bridge will have repressurised, meaning the HKs will have to wait a little before entering, and even then slowly with magnetic feet, and under laserfire from fighters. Speaking fighters I was under the assumption they would be deployed after the freighters were detected.

You make some other good points but I'm going to start wrapping this up now and Ventessel has already offered some counter arguments. Everything will be considered.