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  • I specified shaped charges for a reason, they would direct the explosive force directly into the the plate instead of every which way, thus reducing the mass of the necessary explosive devices considerably. The downside is the the panel would be shot into the bridge and then flung back out, thus the entry point would need to be toward the front of the bridge, to try to minimize damage to ship controls. Though the HK units may chose windows closer to the controls to make sure people got tossed into space

    They're still going to have to wait for the room to depressurize, during which time the panels will seal off the bridge again and the response teams will arrive.
  • Survivors could be an issue, but I'm not sure there would be any survivors depending the windows targetted. I'm not sure how quick they could lock out the bridge controls either, supposedly it takes some time to do, and the time window we're talking about is a matter of seconds not minutes.

    Well, they've actually got some time. Any Sith on the bridge would likely be fine, they'd just keep themselves from falling out into space with the Force (much the way Anakin and Obi-Wan did) and then when the panels seal up, they'd reroute the controls and leave while the droids are still clomping back over, placing new charges, and getting to safe distance.
  • Normally invaders will enter through the hanger or some other location. Additionally, odds are they can reprogram the defense droids from the bridge to kill all organics on the ship and designate the HK 50's as friendly forces.
The bridge and CIC are always guarded when the crew is at battle stations, which they will be when they detect the droids' ship coming out of hyperspace. Good luck reprogramming them while being shot to shreds by the response team...

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[*]Sith Fighters could in theory be a problem, however most of the pilots would not be off ship at the time, those that are doing the standard patrols could still be a threat, I'll grant you that, but there are key problems with this counter:
  • Sith Starfighters share a common flaw with TIE Fighters from the Galactic Civil War, in addition to lacking shields, they also lack hyperdrives. A short hyperspace jump would leave those pilots stranded and they'll eventually die when their fighter runs out of fuel, they run out of air, or run out of food and water.
  • The controls to raise the ray shielding are on the bridge, giving the droids some protection once they activate the shields, which buys time to calculate the afore mentioned hyperspace jump.
Pretty sure ray shields are for prisoner containment. Furthermore, while the droids are busy trying to figure out the Rakatan controls they've never seen before, the response teams will destroy them.

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[*]Concerning the time factor, yeah if I was talking about outfitting several freighters with stealth tech, it would be way too time consuming to be practical. However, I'm only talking about 2 to 3 freighters (theoretically G0-T0 could use his own yacht to pull this off, but I don't see him risking his baby that early in the Kaggath), so the prep time for the freighters wouldn't be too bad.
Do you understand what he word "several" actually means? In English it's taken to mean "more than two, and usually less than five"... so "2 to 3 freighters" is several.

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Well the backup plan is to simply have the ships ram each other, which would count as sabotage.
In space, warships are usually not very close to each other at all. It would probably take at least an hour to maneuver bulky capital ships onto a collision course.
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