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But they can't get in before the panel drops down, the velocity is too strong. Yes magnetic boots but in order to move they have to walk, this involves lifting a foot up and moving it forward. Here in lies the problem, as soon as they lift that foot up and attempt to move it through the window the power of the velocity push it back and the droid is sent flailing backwards holding on to the vessel with one foot and looking kinda dumb. Because they lack magnetic tracks, getting inside while the air is pushing them back is impossible. And in case you thought this was the case, blasting open some windows before will not reduce the velocity when you blast open some more as the air is replenished instantly.
Uh actually they can, until the room is repressurized (and some of the windows were fairly large), they won't really have to contend with the force of air pushing outward on them. It requires some timing, but these are assassin droids, not the 3 stooges.

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There are also some other problems that need to be overcome:
  • Breaking through the panels, they will be inches thick so heavy explosives will be needed, this will likely blow the bridge walls apart, leaving them exposed to attacks via multiple fighters, which only need to scatter fire in that general direction. The fighters will also start shooting once the first detonation goes off.

  • If anyone survives the initial blast (e.g. Sith) they may very well transfer control of the bridge or shut it down completely, that latter can be done remotely, forcing the HK units to hack it and buying the Sith more time to intervene.

  • Emergency protocols will be in place for this kind of attack. Which will likely involve rapid response droid teams being dispatched to the bridge. Were talking assaults droids equipped with powerful deflector shields and blaster cannons. And magnetized of course.

  • If the HK units manage to overcome all this, they still have hundreds of Sith fighters to deal with which could potentially cripple the vessels or do serious damage to the now exposed bridge and HK's aboard it.

  • Malachor V will also still be protected by a web of dormant fighters spread across the debris, which Traya would likely have opted to remain in place in case the attack on her fleet was a distraction.

  • Due to the time it will take to outfit several freighters with stealth tech, transport HKs and equip them with disruptor rifles, and capture Bao-Dur and convince/force him to reactivate the MSG. Traya will already have struck at G0-T0's Exchange bases on Nar Shaddaa and Telos IV. To which it will take his commandeered fleet roughly 2 days to respond to (travel time in planets.)

  • Those smugglers and bounty hunters riled by Traya's attacks on Nar Shaddaa may end up attacking G0-T0's commandeered vessels if they drop out of hyperspace above Nar Shaddaa.
To respond to your points:
  • I specified shaped charges for a reason, they would direct the explosive force directly into the the plate instead of every which way, thus reducing the mass of the necessary explosive devices considerably. The downside is the the panel would be shot into the bridge and then flung back out, thus the entry point would need to be toward the front of the bridge, to try to minimize damage to ship controls. Though the HK units may chose windows closer to the controls to make sure people got tossed into space

  • Survivors could be an issue, but I'm not sure there would be any survivors depending the windows targetted. I'm not sure how quick they could lock out the bridge controls either, supposedly it takes some time to do, and the time window we're talking about is a matter of seconds not minutes.

  • Normally invaders will enter through the hanger or some other location. Additionally, odds are they can reprogram the defense droids from the bridge to kill all organics on the ship and designate the HK 50's as friendly forces.

  • Sith Fighters could in theory be a problem, however most of the pilots would not be off ship at the time, those that are doing the standard patrols could still be a threat, I'll grant you that, but there are key problems with this counter:
    • Sith Starfighters share a common flaw with TIE Fighters from the Galactic Civil War, in addition to lacking shields, they also lack hyperdrives. A short hyperspace jump would leave those pilots stranded and they'll eventually die when their fighter runs out of fuel, they run out of air, or run out of food and water.
    • The controls to raise the ray shielding are on the bridge, giving the droids some protection once they activate the shields, which buys time to calculate the afore mentioned hyperspace jump.

  • Someone else brought up the fact G0-T0 would use probes to scout the area first. Additionally, G0-T0 wouldn't necessarily move the fleet into the debris field, he'd position them in a manner that would make it rather hard to sneak up on his newly acquired fleet.

  • Concerning the time factor, yeah if I was talking about outfitting several freighters with stealth tech, it would be way too time consuming to be practical. However, I'm only talking about 2 to 3 freighters (theoretically G0-T0 could use his own yacht to pull this off, but I don't see him risking his baby that early in the Kaggath), so the prep time for the freighters wouldn't be too bad. As for the other time factors:
    • Bao-dur would be easy enough for G0-T0 to locate, however I don't think G0-T0 would have to capture Bao-dur. All he has to do is send a messenger (preferably some HK 50s with orders not to harm Bao-dur), have them play a recorded message to Bao-dur, concerning the Sith Presence, and ask him how to reactivate the MSG and destroy Malachor V again and hopefully destroying the MSG too. He also advises Bao-dur go into hiding for a while cause the Sith might be after him too, potentially to force him to create a new MSG to use on a heavily populated world.
    • Also about time it takes to obtain weapons: the Disruptor Rifles, Disruptor Pistols, explosives, blasters, grenades, etc. I don't think G0-T0 would have any problem obtaining this stuff, within a matter of hours.
    • An attack on Nar Shaddaa wouldn't affect G0-T0 all that much, yeah it would be an inconveinence, however if he has the work on those freighters done elsewhere (let's face it, there are independent criminal groups that do starship modification that aren't located on Nar Shaddaa), or in a heavily fortified and well hidden starship garage, then it's likely his freighters will be intact.

  • About the smugglers and bounty hunters attacking, if he has his newly acquired ships drop out of orbit over Nar Shaddaa, he can leave the HK 50s standing orders to immediately open public channel to "Goto" that everyone with a comm system in the area can hear.
    1. That they have taken the warships from Darth Traya
    2. To which "Goto" can publicly announce that his "confiscation" of these ships was in response to Traya's cowardly attack on the people of Nar Shaddaa
    3. "Goto" can then bring up the MSG that Traya may be trying to obtain to conduct other horrific acts, and as such steps are going to be taken to put a stop to her plans
    4. "Goto" rallies the support of the smugglers and BHs and his new ships for the time being are not attacked, he can say he isn't allowing people on those ships till he's sure that the ships have been cleared of all Sith, and something can be invented to disrupt personal stealth fields (the assassins).

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For these reasons it would be better to tailor the attack to sabotage rather than commandeering. Instead of trying to access the bridge the droids could simply attempt to blow it up. Attaching, say, thorium charges or something more powerful to the bridges and destroying them. Traya would have no means of repairing them and these vessels would effectively be taken out of the picture, giving G0-T0 a greater chance of winning.
Well the backup plan is to simply have the ships ram each other, which would count as sabotage.

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P.S. The sith assassins wield force pikes, not metal sticks, their vibro-tipped edges are capable of cutting through thin durasteel - these can be used to cut through at the edges and deactivate the force fields, either that or overload them with grenades/mines.
Well, the cutting the edges with the pikes would take quite a bit of time, and explosives would kind of defeat the purpose of stealth. In either case if the force fields go down, the HK 50s would be alerted to the presence of the Sith Assassins...

Also some traps might not be able to be disabled (such as the gas vents in the floor). In all seriousness, while the factory could eventually be overwhelmed, I don't think Traya has the manpower for that kind of an operation.

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And how is G0-T0 going to fake his death? Blow up his own yacht?
He could always blow up a ship that looks identical to his yacht (at least on the outside).