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Even if Traya knows what G0-T0 looks like (does she? Cause if not this is a TON easier) he has plenty of droids that look exactly like him. He could easily send one of them in a doomed assult or just have it be assassinated. If she doesn't know what he looks like, and only knows he's a droid, G0-T0 could be "revealed" to be any droid under the stars.

Faking his own death would mean no more threat from Exchange bosses that think he no longer exists and he now has the element of suprise. He would still keep in touch with his Gand, Ubese, Zhug Brothers, HK-50s, etc, but now all of his rivals think he's out of the picture.

This creates the power vaccum I was talking about, making Nar Shaddaa a very chaotic and dangerous place to be. Traya's efforts would be disrupted by the lack of structure and the lack of information on G0-T0, who is "dead."

Getting rid of his Exchange goons doesn't really hurt G0-T0 at all. He has plenty of credits to do what he needs to and with the forces closest to him he is more than capable of taking down Traya. He could just buy/gather what supplies and tech he needs, pretend to die, then strike at Traya without having to worry about his schemeing allies.
The thing is, any assault that G0-T0 designs to fail is likely going to get blown out of the sky before it reaches the planet. And let's say my some miracle G0-T0's half hearted attempt actually get's him on the planet, Traya is going to be extremely suspicious if a lone droid just throws itself at the academy, even if accompanied by an army of HKs - its suicidal.

So faking an assassination is the only way... Traya isn't exactly listening on the HoloNet so some sort of new broadcast wouldn't work. And if G0-T0 had rumours of his death spread by whoever Traya would be very suspicious, seems to much of a coincidence.

However, Traya is going to be attempting to turn G0-T0's powerbase against him. But G0-T0 has an extensive intelligence network and any betrayals he will be aware of. But he could pretend he is not, allow say Visquis to locate his 'yacht' (which would be a replica) and have Traya shoot it out of the sky. Or better yet, if Traya decides to infiltrate the yacht have a fake G0-T0 be there and be destroyed. That would be convincing enough for Traya I think. It may be convincing enough for Traya to recall her interdiction fleet and cease the fighter blockade on Malachor V, allowing G0-T0 to slip in and detonate the MSG.

However we also have to consider that prior to his 'death' Traya other attacks will still be commencing e.g. Telos IV, shipyard raids, attacks that could lead to G0-T0s downfall. However if anything it provides G0-T0 with a surefire means of bypassing Malachor's defenses, something he previously did not have. But I'm totting up the marks now, and this at least means that whoever comes out on top has a strong 'win' scenario rather than a smattering of hit and misses.