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03.19.2013 , 07:05 AM | #380
hi !

I'am Avon from Phantoms Guild (France), we just killed dread tooth and the dread full entity yesterday and get 2 orbs. Now we're wondering where this secret place for this new boss is.

For me, I think we need to find a place that when you go in you have red message announcement on your screen, like when we go in the cave of asation. In other case, just imagine we have to search on all planets and they are sooooo could be a waste of time.

The secret from asation, when you think about it, is pretty simple, just have to go in a cave, read a message, think a bit and its clear. So this new secret is a place we all know, a place where something happens on your screen. Something in common with the gree, the dread masters or maybe the rakata...or something else like the sand man in tatooine if we refer to the story of star wars in episode 2 (cause the 1st secret from asation was a reference to luke skywalker and the cave)

Well guys tell me if you are agree with me but it could simplify our research no ?

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