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The Miracle of Life

Mako shrieked in pain, but Dha knew it was a perfectly natural pain. He squeezed her hand encouragingly, wishing he could take some of it upon himself.

"Push, Mako!" Melyyk said.

Melyyk was a Chiss female and a Mandalorian doctor headquartered in Keldabe. She was the best doctor for hundreds of kilometers, and Mako had insisted on getting a specialist. Mako screamed again.

Blizz, standing outside the bedroom, had one hand on the doorjamb, the other over his eyes. Mako caught sight of him and laughed, but was cut off mid-laugh by another scream. Dha patted her hand. Torian, kneeling at the foot of the bed, grinned.

"Baby's coming!" he said.

"I can tell!" Mako growled.

"Push!" Melyyk insisted.

Mako let out a shrill cry, and Blizz actually darted down the hall. Torian winced. Skadge, somewhere farther down the hall, grumbled. Dha knew Skadge had changed his view of the crew in the past weeks, even throwing himself at a cave full of rubble to save Gault. But he still kept aloof from them.

"Okay, one more, Mako!" Melyyk said. "Push!"

"AAAAGHH!" Mako screamed, and followed it with a distasteful Mando'a curse Dha didn't know she knew.

"It's out," Torian said, "I got it!"

Dha glanced over. "No wonder it hurt," he said. "She has her daddy's horns."

Indeed, the baby was a girl with Mako's features; a small, pudgy nose and wispy black hair. But she had several jutting cranial horns representative of her father's Zabrak heritage.

"She's beautiful," Torian said. "Ori'mesh."

"Thanks," Mako said weakly.

"Rest now, Mako," Dha said. "Rest."

She did.